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Call for a consultation (no obligation),
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Your Uniqueness IS Your Business!


I know from my own experience that building a business – or transitioning a career – is a big step. You will be adding to your normal workload, opening yourself to uncertainty and possibly rejection, and likely having to hang in longer than you'd ever have thought necessary in order to be successful.  For me when I went through this transition, I just knew that something vital was missing from my work, and that I wouldn't be happy until I figured out what it was.  It started me on a journey I am still enjoying!

At the time, I decided that if I was going to be doing all that work – self-exploration, research, professional development, (shudder) admin... – that it only made sense to do it for something I believed in strongly enough.  It had to be something that mattered to me deeply enough to make it worth it.  Little did I know at the time how important that awareness would be, how many ups and downs there would be along the way.  Falling into a job or even career at 20 is hard enough; it is a whole different game to make a conscious career change or start a new business at 40- or 50-something, when you have responsibilities and people depending on you. Making a misstep then has many more ramifications.

That's why I created Your Uniqueness Is Your Business.  I wanted to help business people who would be going through the same process I had gone through understand what is unique – what is essential and vital – about them, then how to articulate and leverage that in the work they do. This quote encapsulates my starting point:

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and will be lost; the world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to stay open and aware to the urges that motivate you.

- Martha Graham, to Agnes Demille

The Goal

So I designed this course around tools I used when transitioning my own career and business into the international practice it is today. I now have the freedom to live where I want, travel when I want, and choose how I spend my time.  And I get to work with the kinds of clients who excite and enliven me, with whom I learn together.  Clients for whom I have the privilege of being a thinking partner and a witness to them engaging more fully with the unique, valuable, and important combination of gifts they – and only they – are capable of bringing to the world.

What is your goal for your business and your life? What excites you enough to want to expend significant energy to achieve it?  What is essential about you that needs to be expressed through your work?  If you already knew the answers to these questions, chances are you wouldn't be reading this – you'd be too busy achieving them.  So, assuming you are still looking for the answers to those questions, you have come to the right place.

The goal of this program is to help you better understand what makes you unique (all of it, including any bits that may have felt uncomfortable, or like a weakness); value, and articulate that uniqueness; and then bring that more fully into the work you do, the business you are building, the company you are transitioning.

If you are struggling at work and don’t quite know why; trying to figure out what the focus of your business is; and/or wanting objective partnership and greater clarity in your thinking, then this course was designed for you!

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The Content

The course consists of ten modules:

  • Module 1: Create Your Parachute  The unconscious, semi-conscious, creative parts of ourselves are often overlooked, yet that is where our passion lives, the parts of us that make us most distinctive. The starting point of this course is accessing and exploring the unique combination of parts that only you have. Based on the work of Richard Bolles' What Color is Your Parachute, this is an opportunity to step back and look at the canopy overarching all that you do, to discover what is truly yours to offer to the world...
  • Module 2: Hurry up and Wait!  We are so used to keeping busy, filling our time, being goal-oriented that waiting – letting something germinate – can feel like procrastination. And yet, the truth that countless artists and geniuses know, is that It is ready when It is ready…whatever It is. The ability to sit in the unknowing and wait for the answers to appear is a valuable skill worth learning and practicing.
  • Module 3: Who Are You Really?  In this module you will take the ISPI™ (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator) assessment, which we will then debrief both individually and as a group. This powerful instrument will help you understand how you look at the world, the often-hidden differences between you and others that determine how well you connect and work together (or don't), and how you can best work with people despite (or better, because of) those differences.
  • Module 4: Partner, Partner, Partner  Equipped with greater awareness from the ISPI™, in Module 4 we explore the challenges – and value – of partnering, and where it fits into the mix you are creating. And if you already have partnership in your work, this is an opportunity to take a step back and re-evaluate how well it is working, and what might rejuvenate it.
  • Module 5: Ask for Help, and Help Yourself  Here you will increase your understanding of the too-often-overlooked importance and value of asking for help. Far from being a sign of weakness, asking for help opens new avenues and unlooked-for opportunities that will benefit both you and those you ask it of.
  • Module 6: Brand Congruence  Your personal brand is how people see you, and what makes people think of you when they have a need. This exercise of clarifying your personal brand is where you will name and articulate the work that is most uniquely yours to do, whether you are building a career or a business.
  • Module 7: Jump In, The Water’s Fine! The best way to learn is to do, and if you do not fail at least a few times in the process, you probably are not pushing yourself hard enough. This module begins the phase of the process where you take all that you have been learning to this point in the series, cohere it into a plan for how to offer it to the world around you, and prepare to give it a test drive.
  • Module 8: Present Your Plan & Celebrate! Where the rubber hits the road, and you start talking about what you have been working on, and where you are headed with this new perspective on your work. You will present the plan you created in Module 7 to your group of like-minded supporters, and others around you.  You will also start getting the all-important feedback of how the way you talk about your work, your brand, your uniqueness lands with the world around you.
  • Module 9: Embrace Failure & Pivot Too many people let fear of failure stop them. Here we work more explicitly with stepping into failure – whether from Modules 7 & 8 or from your life – and start using it as the gift and tool that it is to help you understand when and where to make changes to your plan.
  • Module 10: Next Steps Now that you have completed this process, what's next? What support do you need as you move forward – how can you leverage the connections you have made with the rest of the group, and create on-going mechanism(s) that will best serve you and your work?

Between each module there's a buddy session with someone else from the group, with whom to further explore and embed the learning, and I provide a wide ranges of resources and tools to deepen your learning around each topic.  I am also available in customized individual or group sessions to help you work on additional issues or concerns not listed here.



  • The different topics we covered have continued to resonate and support me in opening up my thinking. I keep adding to them, and expect I will continue to do so. – Judith Sutherland, Stage3Moves, USA
  • Great process. This course has really opened my eyes to the value of working together cooperatively ... and the resources you gave us were brilliant! – Peter Henderson,, CANADA
  • This whole process and journey has been really supportive for me. Deborah has created an open and comfortable community for me to play with ideas, and her facilitation has been really helpful. – Lucilla De Sarlo,, UK
  • This has been a tale of two halves for me. It's been very useful, and also challenging. Part of what’s helped me deal with the challenging issues is that Deborah facilitates very well. The group dynamic also helps massively, as does the content of the course. – Dominic Pulver, King Square Studios, UK


Next Steps

If it’s important to you to create a future in which you can fully express what is uniquely you and what you are most passionate about, then here are your options:

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