One must embrace the chos within
to give birth to a dancing star.
Call for a consultation (no obligation), US: 617-275-5706; UK: 0203 295-2051
Call for a consultation (no obligation),
US: 617-275-5706; UK: 0203 295-2051

Client List


The majority of my coaching clients have been self-paying individuals native to countries around the globe including Canada, China, Ghana, Israel, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Trinidad, the UAE, the UK, and the US.

They have held mid- to senior-level roles in consumer, business-to-business, science, and arts organizations such as American Express, Apple Computer, Beechcraft, Digital Equipment Corporation, General Dynamics, Hewlett Packard, Kenwood, London School of Economics, Microsoft, Portrait Society of America, SunTory, Philips, Pfizer, and the United States Federal Government, as well as in a number of technology start-ups.

Organizational and corporate clients to whom I have provided my range of coaching, consulting, and development services include

  • Abbacus Exhibitions (UK)
  • American Express (USA)
  • Ashridge (UK)
  • ASOS (UK)
  • Atomic Direct (USA)
  • Celebrand (UK)
  • Community Health Center of Franklin County (USA)
  • David Fox Photography (USA)
  • E Comm International, Inc. (USA)
  • Facebook (UK)
  • Karmarama (UK)
  • Lee Hecht Harrison (USA)
  • Logitech (Switzerland)
  • Microscope Magazine (UK)
  • Mirashayama Music (USA)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Profile (Poland)
  • Silicon Graphics (UK, USA, and Switzerland)
  • Society for Organisational Learning - SOL (UK)
  • StayInTouch Communications (USA)
  • Teresa Spinner Art (USA)
  • The Montague Bookmill (USA)
  • University of Massachusetts/Amherst (USA)
  • University of Wales (UK)
  • Vantive (France)