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Special Offers!


Occasionally I run special offers.  Here is one I'm running currently:

  • Shout Out to Coaches  If you're a coach who is trying to identify your niche; is being pulled in multiple directions by your coaching business and struggling to focus; started out wildly excited about having your own business but starting to face the reality of how difficult it can be to start something up, this is for you.  This 19-week, small-group series addresses some of the key components of niche and brand identity, and will help you understand what your unassailable competitive advantage is, as well as how to bring more of it into the work you do.  Along the way, you will develop working relationships and resources that could last well beyond the 19th week. And you will have access to the content (including a rich well of written, audio, and video resources) for the life of this course. To find out more, go to here.

This offer will end and I add new ones on occasion; do check back for updates!