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Call for a consultation (no obligation),
US: 617-275-5706; UK: 0203 295-2051

Resources for Coaches


Many coaches have asked for the following resources.  These are the versions that I use in my own practice (and have done since I trained as a coach in the early 2000s).  Unless otherwise indicated, my recollection is that they have come from The Coaches Training Institute and been tweaked by me.

Feel free to use them as and when they serve you!

  1. The ROI of Coaching
  2. Wheels of Life
  3. Future Self Visualization
  4. Sample End of Year Evaluation
  5. Resources for Highly Sensitive People, and Coaches
  6. Values Exercise
  7. Completion Session
  8. Job Search Process 
  9. Awareness Checklist
  10. Blocking Behaviors


Other Coaching-related Resources

  • Bigger Game Company:  Co-founded by Laura Whitworth and Rick Tamlyn, to bring Laura's work around how to create powerful change into the world.  Since her death, Rick has been taking it to new heights.  I am a certified Bigger Game trainer.
  • Body-Centered Coaching: Developed by my gifted colleague Marlena Field, I trained in body-centered coaching because it taps the wisdom our bodies hold for us, to help us make decisions, resolve dilemmas, get out of our heads when they turn into continuous loops that take us nowhere.
  • Coaches Training Institute: (CTI) the people with whom I trained in the client-centered approach known as CoActive Coaching, and from whom I earned my first certification, a CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach).
  • International Coach Federation: The professional organization from which I earned my second certification (PCC), and which sets international standards of practice.
  • Practice Pay Solutions:  For coaches and other small business owners – the most cost-effective way I have found of allowing your clients to pay by credit card.
  • Shadow Coaching:  Founded by Donna Karlin, Shadow Coaching both reveals our shadow side (where some of the most interesting and transformative information lives), and also involves  observing clients in action, then helping them seeing what they can't see,  offering feedback in real-time, when it can have greatest impact.  I am a trained Shadow Coach.
  • TAI Group:    I originally knew them as The Actors Institute in New York City, when they were running a workshop called The Mastery, powerful work that helped actors get in touch with their emotions to more authentically portray a character.  I realized there was applicability to business, and started to incorporate pieces of their approach into my own work.  Henry Kimsey-House, one of the founders of CTI, was involved with The Mastery at one time.
  • Top Human: I took a trip to China in 2006 to find out more about the state of coaching in the most populous country in the world, and to train in an intriguing approach that incorporated Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. What I found was fascinating. My hosts were Top Human, who have unfortunately since closed.  But coaching is certainly alive and well in China!  See also the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Coaches (APAC).