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Call for a consultation (no obligation),
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Resources for Lindy Hoppers


From Hoppin' newsletters (1990s) to Frankie Manning's Commemorative Book (2014), the following document some of the people and events from around the world that made the second wave of Lindy Hop happen.  I've also included a couple of YouTube clips of Hellzapoppin' below, the video that (for me), captures the joy, energy, and excitement that helped make Lindy Hop an international phenomenon; that helped inspire a whole new generation of dancers; and that inspired me to create a workshop for business leaders using this dance as the metaphor to explore leading and following.



The International Lindy Hop Newsletter

In the 1990s, a small but passionate group of volunteers from around the world gathered and published information about the fledgling worldwide Lindy Hop scene as it was then.

Highlights from these 9 issues, each 16 pages except the first (8) and last (24), are listed below.  Click on thumbnail to open and see the complete issue.

Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Jitterbugs Swing Masters Jam 1993
  • Interview with Erin Stevens & Stephen Mitchell
  • Zoots & Spangles European Tour
  • Worldwide Listings
  • ...and more
Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.14.51 PM
 Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Lindy Hoppers win Jive Competition
  • Frankie's 80th Birthday
  • Interview with Norma Miller
  • Spotlight on the Rhythm Hot Shots
  • Lindy Bits
  • ...and more
 Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Frankie's 80th Birthday Issue
  • Defining a Lindy Legend
  • The London Scene
  • Spotlight on the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers
  • Stories from and about Frankie
  • ...and more
 Volume 1, Issue 4

  • You Just Can't Top the Lindy Hop
  • Why do YOU Lindy -- a Survey
  • The Swedes Talked to Al Minns
  • Spotlight on Zoots and Spangles
  • Lindy bits
  • ...and more
 Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Lindy Hoppers in Switzerland
  • Why Do YOU Lindy -- Survey, part 2
  • Herräng Dance Camp
  • At the Feet of the Elders; profile of Mickey Davidson
  • A Brief History of the Zoot Suit
  • ...and more
 Volume 2, Issue 2

  • Lindy Hop in California
  • That Swing Thing
  • Sandra Gibson, a New York Original
  • Camp and Event Reviews
  • Spotlight on the Sugarfoot Stompers
  • ...and more
 Volume 2, Issue 3

  • Lindy Hops Another Ocean – Singapore Swings
  • Lady Hop Day, Stockholm
  • What is Le Roc?
  • Swedish Song List
  • Estonia Swings
  • ...and more
 Volume 2, Issue 4

  • World Lindy Hop Federation Forming
  • Lindy History -- Mildred Cruse
  • City Reviews:  Amsterdam, Swansea, Seattle, & Sydney
  • First World Lindy Hop Championship
  • ...and more
Volume 3, Issue 1

  • The Hoppin' Birthday Party
  • George Leroy Lloyd
  • LA Swings Out
  • London Lindy Hop Festival
  • Virtual Dancing: Introduction of the Internet
  • ...and more
  • (with an insert about the World Lindy Hop Federation)




Frankie Manning was one of the early Lindy Hoppers, the originator of the aerial, and an inspiration to many thousands of the second wave of Lindy Hoppers around the world.   From the mid-1980s right up to his death in April 2009, just a month shy of his 95th birthday, Frankie traveled the world sharing his experiences of the heyday (1920s to 1940s) of the dance, the music, and the scene he grew up in.

In May 2014, Lindy Hoppers from around the world gathered in New York City to honor Frankie, and share our love of the Lindy Hop.  This is the Commemorative Book of what would have been Frankie's 100th birthday.

Click on the picture to download the contents.





The following clips show Lindy in its heyday. There's a short clip showing just the dancing; the longer clip also has a great scene that includes music from Slim & Slam and other notable acts of the time.  That's Frankie, in the dark (blue) overalls.  He was in his 20s at the time.

The dancers are The Harlem Congaroo Dancers (a.k.a. Whitey's Lindy Hoppers):

  • William Downes/Overalls & Frances "Mickey" Jones (0:39).
  • Billy Ricker/Chef's Hat & Norma Miller (1:09).
  • Al Minns/White Coat-Black Pants & Willa Mae Ricker (1:29).
  • Frankie Manning/Overalls & Ann Johnson (1:55). (original citation here)




The Dance of Leadership was designed for business people (artistic and otherwise) interested in the dynamics of leading, following, and team work.  It takes a strong follower to maximize the effectiveness of strong leaders.  In this workshop we explore this concept experientially, using partner dance as the metaphor.  Contact me directly for more information.