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Upcoming Events, 2017

Here's where you're likely to find me in 2017. I'll add more as the year unfolds, so do check back!


Monthly Chats

My new (starting in 2017!) Third Thursday Chats, on topics of interest and value to business executives, especially thought leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and other innovators.  If you've liked my blogletters, you'll LOVE these chats! We will chew on the challenges that threaten to keep us up at night, everything from burnout to personal branding to how to identify the thought leaders in your organization and strategies for helping them be their most productive.  A short and sweet half hour, I'll record them and share my resources on the topics we discuss – think of them as verbal blogletters. Come join us, or download the recordings here.



Your Uniqueness Is Your Business This teleseminar series helps you review and evaluate what makes you unique both personally and professionally, and how to leverage that in the work you do. Comprises ten 90-minute modules, buddy sessions, an ISPI™ (Innovation Strengths Preferences Indicator®) debrief, plus a 1:1 laser coaching session to go more in-depth on topics of import to early-stage entrepreneurs and small business people. Your Uniqueness Is Your Business, which starts annually in October, is limited to 6 people. To explore joining us, take the Self Test.


Meet Me in London!

February through May, & September through mid-December:

  • 25 March to 9 April  It's spring, and that means the Telegraph Hill Festival, one of my favorite events of the year in London.  And this year I'll be offering my Dance of Leadership event (based on my popular workshop Dimensions of Leading) one evening TBD -- stay tuned for details.
  • Love to dance? Want to learn how? Swing Out London has the latest information on my favorite dance, Lindy Hop. Come explore partner dance as a metaphor for leading and following. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dance. Let me know when you want to go and I'll be happy to show you what I mean!
  • The Hill Station Community Cafe: this community cafe, conceived by Bold Vision, inspired me when I first found it, and continues to inspire me today. A powerful example of what like-minded – if diverse – people coming together can achieve.


Summers are for New England

June through August:

  • Montague Bookmill: WHAT? You are in New England and have not yet discovered this gem? Do it now! A converted mill filled with books new and used; a cafe; CD/music store; arts and crafts shop; fine dining – what more do you need for a blissful day out? And if you get hooked and want to stay the night, call my friend Donna at The House on the Hill Bed & Breakfast in nearby Leyden – she's often full, but you just might get lucky!
  • If you've still got time on your hands, go to Shelburne Falls and visit the Bridge of Flowers, the potholes, and some of the many galleries and shops.


Is it Christmas? I must be in Tucson!

December (and if I'm lucky, January and part of February...):

  • If you are a tennis player, run don't walk to the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club. Dave's drop-in classes on Wednesday and Saturday will get you started; Nelson's clinics and Sam's lessons will help you polish any rusty skills – from there you'll find some of the nicest people in one of the friendliest clubs I've found. Or if you just want a workout, look up Zo in the gym – and be sure to ask him where he's singing next.  Exercise is great to clear out the cobwebs and de-stress.
  • Looking for some desert magic? Check out Global Chant on Tuesday nights. From aging hippies (and proud of it!) to nurses to business people; you'll find all kinds of people singing their hearts in at Global chant.