One must embrace the chaos within
to give birth to a dancing star.
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Call for a consultation (no obligation),
US: 617-275-5706; UK: 0203 295-2051


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Complex Problems

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I had a problem with my phone today. It seems to me that many people I know who use Verizon have problems with their phones. That might be my bias, because every time I have had a problem with Verizon it has been painful trying to resolve it, so I don’t like them as a […]


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The other day when I sat in one of my meetings, I heard the person next to me speaking about hope. Thinking about it as I write, it was like I was sitting so close to the idea of hope that I could practically touch it. I can still feel the impact of those words […]


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Most business people don’t like meetings. I participate regularly in a very different kind of meeting, and it occurs to me that incorporating some of the characteristics of my kind of meetings into business meetings could be good for all concerned. I sit in my meetings on a regular basis, usually weekly. I choose to […]

4th of July

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Blog-wise, I’m taking this week off in honor of the 4th of July – Independence Day here in the US. Some other opportunities have come up, and I can’t do everything I want to do. Thinking about all the things on your plate one by one, how important is each? What can you allow to […]

Leadership in a changing world – a conversation with Lindsey

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Catching up with a UK colleague/friend a couple of weeks ago, the conversation turned to the economy. My friend observed that new patterns of activity are coming into play globally, that there are changes due to e.g. the economy, global warming, and catastrophes like wars, tsunamis, and the earthquake in China. (BTW, many of the […]

Traveling East

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On my drive from Tucson, Arizona to Montague, Massachusetts (about 3000 miles, give or take), I stopped in Austin to see an old friend from London. It was with great interest that I watched us engage in a conversation about changes happening in the world, and specifically about a growing awareness of the need for […]

Welcome to the Dancing Star blog

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I am beginning this blog at the culmination of a series of transitions, starting with a move across country to Tucson, AZ in October 2007, including the sudden death of my mother (in January 2008) after four years with Alzheimers, and, as I write, a drive back across country for the summer to tie up […]